Digital Game Play
You Will Need

2–6 Players
Internet Connection
Permanent Marker
Sticky Notes


Answer the question
Share a related story
Can’t relate to the prompt
Draw an action card!
Only the player who draws the card can see it
Two players see the card
All but one player sees the card
Everyone sees the card

How To Play

Players should start by deciding whether the game is going to be played on one device or several. If playing on one device, refresh the page to draw the first prompt card. If playing on several devices: select one device and do the same. Whoever can come up with the best story to accompany the selected prompt gets to go first. From there, each player will take turns in a clockwise fashion, clicking the prompt or refreshing the page to draw a new card, and deciding how to answer.

Anima, Sensum, Empathia and Nexus Cards

When a player draws an Anima, Sensum, Empathia or Nexus card, they will have the option of simply answering the question or sharing a story that relates to the prompt. Regardless of whether the prompt is a group question or not, players are encouraged to chime in whenever they can in order to maintain continuous discussion.

Certo Cards

When a player draws a Certo card, they will read the prompt and decide if they can relate to it or not. If they can, the player will draw an action card. Before drawing a Certo action card, the player should turn the device towards them so no other players can read it and read the instructions to themselves first. After checking the icon to see which players should or should not view the card, the player should follow the instructions for the duration specified.

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